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Most important steps to setup your account and start invoicing!

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Welcome to Invoiless! ❤️ Get started faster by learning some basics.

Create your account

1. Go to the Register page.

2. Enter your first name, last name, company, email, and password, then click on "Register".

3. Check your email and ✔️ confirm your account.

💡 For security reasons, the verification link will remain active for 24 hours. If your link is expired, request a new one from your profile.

Setup your business profile

1. Go to the Settings page.

2. From the "Property Settings", enter the following information, then click on "Save".

- Property Logo: Click on "Upload Photo", select your logo, then click "Save".

- Property Name.

- Property Email.

- Property Phone: This is a free text field, format as desired.

- Property URL: Must begin with "http://" or "https://".

- Property Currency: Default currency for all invoices. You can change this on each invoice when necessary.

- Property Address.

💡 All this information will visible on your invoice page.

Setup invoice settings

1. Go to the Settings page.

2. From the "Invoice Settings", enter the following information, then click on "Save".

- Invoice language.

- Due After: After how many days is an invoice due for payment?

- Tax Rate: It depends on your business.

- Invoice Note: e.g. Thank you for your business!

- Invoice Footer: Contain legal information, e.g. Tax number.

💡 You can change those values on each invoice when necessary.

Congrats! 👏 You've finished your getting started guide.

Happy Invoicing ❤️

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