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How to create retainer invoices in Invoiless

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A retainer invoice is an upfront payment made by a client to a service provider to secure their services for a certain period of time. It acts as a guarantee of payment for the service provider and ensures that the client receives priority treatment for their needs.

How to create a retainer invoice?

1. Go to the Invoice Builder.

2. Input all necessary information such as the customer, items, notes, terms, etc.

3. Enable the "Retainer invoice" option.

After creating the retainer invoice, you can send it for payment. Once you receive online or offline payment, you can use the budget to pay another invoice.

How to use a retainer?

1. From the Invoices page.

2. Select the invoice you want to pay and click on the actions menu, then choose "Use retainer".

3. Pick the retainer invoice from the available list, and click "Record Payment".

💡 Note that the list of retainer invoices will only show those related to the same customer.

How to view payments of an invoice?

You can view payments for an invoice by going to "Invoice > Payments", just like any other online or offline payment.

How to view payments linked to a retainer invoice?

Select the retainer invoice you want to check and click on the actions menu. Then select "Linked payments" to see all the payments that are linked to it.

Enjoy! 🧡

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